Design and analyze wind projects instantly
Windyfi empowers renewable producers with a data-driven tool
to develop, design and analyze wind projects easily
Windyfi is an application to automate renewable project development by utilizing geospatial and equipment data.
Optimal early
stage decisions
Focus on
what matters
Wind project development is a capital intensive business with significant use of external consultants. Empower your employees to design wind projects in-house and at a low cost.
At the early stage, information is scarce hence the uncertainty. Provide decision-makers with relevant project insights early to make optimal trade-offs to increase the long term value of the project.
Project developers are buried with irrelevant and complex detail. Generate output that matters to get the project to the Ready To Build stage faster than usual.
Windyfi provides the following benefits:
Despite lower technology costs, there are still many challenges in getting early-stage projects to become investor-ready.
Smaller wind developers spend approximately 50% of resources and manual man-hours conducting resource assessment and feasibility studies to screen and mature projects.

That’s if you can do these studies yourself. Generating all that project information needs specialized knowledge, which most outsource to external man-hour driven suppliers.
Early development is costly
Interdisciplinary collaboration
Siloed project development
Wind farm project data are usually kept in silos and as a result, employees have a hard time accessing the real-time & holistic project information easily
Disconnected data
Desynchronized data across different workstreams leads to a lot of repetitive and menial work that may take valuable time from the project team
Poor planning and early decisions
Impact of early decisions in long term
Value loss due to decisions at early stage
Increase in capacity
Due to rapidly lowering LCOE for wind, the installed capacity of onshore wind is expected to grow more than 3x by 2030 and 10x by 2050 (Future of Wind, IRENA)
Why now?
Lower offtake prices
Despite lowering technology costs for wind, developers feel the pressure to reduce their capital and operational costs due to unpredictable power prices as well as competitive auctions that are becoming more common
ESG and EU Taxonomy
Due to the growing size of wind turbines, developers have to be more conscious of the social and environmental impact of the construction and operation of wind farms.
electricity market change over time
An application to develop, design and analyze wind projects instantly
with following unique features:
Global access
User-friendly interface
Integrated overview
Access to global geospatial and satellite data combined with customized user input will empower developers with a data-driven tool to develop, design and analyze the wind project instantly.
Unlike other specialized existing solutions, Windyfi takes away the complexities of electrical and civil design and makes the process easy and intuitive similar to city-building games.
Generating integrated project information that includes relevant ESG, Economics and Technical wind farm data. This will empower developers to make more holistic decisions that take all trade-offs into account.
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Anagha Uppal
Doriyush Ubaydi
Artem Donets
Data and GIS/Spatial Analyst with experience working at UN, World Bank. Researcher at UC, Santa Barbara

MA in Geographic Information Science
4 years within oil and gas and renewable project developments (+1.5GW)

MSc in Strategy and Management
BA in Economics
10 years within renewable developments
Design, Construction and Operation of 0.5GW

PhD in Renewable Energy
MSc in Power Engineering
Windyfi is made up of people that are not only passionate about clean and renewable energy, but also have operational experience developing renewable energy and software projects globally
Our team
Project & Spatial Analyst
Founder, CEO
Co-founder, Interim CTO
Shams Ismatov
Backend development for education software with 25K active users
Co-founder of Educational centre and dev house
BA in Software Engineering
Backend developer
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